Friday, 5 May 2017

Gelli printing with acetate...

I love acetate as much as I love my Gelli plate.

So I thought what if I could combine the two? I know that you can mask off parts of the Gelli to create transparent areas, but I thought I would try and use a stamp instead.

Acetate Gelli 6 
I used a flourish stamp by Indigo Blu and pressed it into the acrylic paint, cleaning it off each time I made my impression. That way it picked up the paint to create some transparent patches.

Then it was simply a case of waiting for the paint to completely dry. Instead of lifting the print with cardstock, I used a sheet of double sided adhesive to pull the print. Finally I adhered the adhesive sheet to the acetate. It was actually very easy.

Acetate Gelli 1 
I love the patches of transparency, and I think I may have invented distressed acetate!

Acetate Gelli 3

I know I am latecomer to the world of Gelli, but I am constantly amazed at the versatility of my Gelli plate, it was a great investment.

Hope you like, I'll be back again soon x


Jan Ltc said...

You are amazing I love it. Thanks for the inspiration xx Jan

Anneke said...

Your card looks amazing! Very inspiring!

Ellen said...

Very your style!
Xx Ellen

Sara Barker said...

This print is amazing! You must have had a very large piece of adhesive! But a very clever use of your gelli plate. Mine's still in the bag...somewhere!

Elaine said...

Breathtakingly beautiful! Love the combination of the stamp and the colors. Thanks for sharing!

Elaine said...

What clear adhesive did you use that was so large? Thanks!

Gery said...

Your card is really stunning!
What a good idea to combine those two techniques.
It looks soooo beautiful, love it.
Maybe I will give it a try, if that's okay with you?
I'm sure it will look totally different :-))
Groetjes Gery