Tuesday, 26 July 2016

How to make a simple paper bag without a template.

Been a bit of a while since my last post, but the sweltering heat here has not been conducive to crafting.

It has only slightly cooled, but I could wait no more to try making these simple paper bags. My reason for making my own bags is threefold,

One: pre-made bags are generally not that good a quality
      Two: it is difficult if not impossible to stamp on a pre-made paper bag
Three: You can make the bags to any size without a template.

alte 5  

For this example I've used an A4 sheet of paper, but once you know the principles of how to make the bag, you can use any size sheet of paper.

alte bag 5

Fold the A4 sheet of paper in half. Score as shown below. My score lines are the width of double sided tape as I've used 100gsm paper and wet glue would have just been too soggy.

Score a line at the top and bottom of the bag to whatever size you wish the bag to be, the bottom of the bag will be folded and stuck to the back of the bag, and the top will fold forward as shown in the final photo.

I can't emphasise enough to score accurately using a scoring board, and use a bone folder to crease the folds, otherwise your bag will just end up all wonky.

alte 7-with arrows 

At this point, don't stick anything if you want to stamp, otherwise you will be stamping over lots of bumps.

So just score your paper and stamp away! I've used Altenew's "Beautiful day" stamp set. 

alte bag 1

When your stamping is complete, stick down one fold on the open side of your paper (inwards- towards what will be the front of your bag). Then fold the one remaining score line inwards each side as shown below.

  alte bag 2

Use a bone folder again to ensure a crisp edge. Then open the bag out each side and invert the crease as shown.

I've then used scallop scissors top and bottom for a pretty effect.

alte bag 3 

Then just fold the bottom of the bag back and stick, and fold the top forward-your bag is complete!

I've made a slightly larger one as well using an A3 sheet of paper. To finish I've used May Arts cord in navy and the "gift for you" stamp is by Woodware.

alte 6

 It is definitely easier making them than it is to post photos and write down instructions, but I hope you can follow OK.

I really hope you like and maybe have a go yourself. It took me a few times to perfect it, even though they are simple!

See you soon x

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José said...

Very gorgeous paperbag with the Altenews roses